Squishy feels, 2013 con schedule, and shut up Line

lucineblue popped into an AIM chat with Pulse and I and we were all chatting about P4 fandom stuff, and that combined with her showing us photos of her friends all decked out in Persona cosplay made me actually miss cons and people, haha.  I say that like we’re never going to one again when we really have one coming up in January, but man.

I want nothing more than to pick all the P4 fans here and pile them all into a room and talk about fandom and hang out in costume or not, and go out to eat together and just make better friends out of everyone.  I realize that in practice this wouldn’t really work out so well and would probably be more stressful than anything, but I still want to???

I wish I had the time to sit down and talk with every one of you wonderful people.  Some of you I’ve been lucky enough to get closer to and even meet in person, but it’s a comparatively small percentage.  But whether it’s about headcanons or OTPs or collector habits or cosplay or just getting to know everyone better, I just really like to talk to other fans.  (That’s why the large percentage of people who are intimidated by Pulse and I at cons upsets me? weh)  That’s not to say I’m not a bit awkward in person at first, but I know a lot of people are, and once you get me going I get a lot less so.

Tumblr kind of sucks because it’s a godawful medium for conversation.  I don’t really get to know someone through the content they post here, with a few exceptions.  It’s a good conversation starter, sure, but the ask system here is pretty horrid, things get lost, the layout for fanmail is butt ugly (and still kind of obnoxious even with the Missing e tweaks) and it’s just hard to keep holding a conversation through it.  I miss LJ, because even if comments weren’t the most efficient way to communicate, it seems like there was less of a… stigma?  Generalized fear?  Of just yattering at someone new because of shared interests.

I have no idea where I was going with this.  ROOM FULL OF P4 FANS.  PROBABLY A TERRIBLE IDEA IN PRACTICE BUT I WANT IT.

Well, how about this?  I generally post something similar right before cons but here’s Pulse and I’s upcoming con schedule for 2013, so far:

  • SacAnime Winter - January 4-6 in Sacramento, California
  • KatsuCon - February 15-17 in National Harbor, Maryland
  • FanimeCon - May 24-27 in San Jose, California
  • Anime Expo - July 4-7 in Los Angeles, California
  • SacAnime Summer - August 30-September 1 in Sacramento, California (? Maybe)

We’ll probably add more local San Francisco Bay Area events as we hear about them, but that’s our major con lineup.  If you’ll be at any of these, please let us know!  We usually attend the SMT/Persona gatherings at all those conventions (and half the time are running them) so come say hi!  

Alternatively, if you are not a con person/not in CA/whatever else, the most effective way to message us is usually through Skype or AIM (in b4 laughter).  I think I lose a lot of Tumblr asks that are sent my way, so those are much more reliable ways of contacting us.  We’re not always signed onto either and occasionally we make the mistake of leaving them up, so if you want to just talk at us, here’s your other contact options for me (I’ll let Pulse add hers if she wants):

  • AIM: Linefaced or SisconBanchou
  • Skype: Linefaced (wow I’m creative); but since we live in the same space I’m usually on mutually with Pulse when she’s around at ImpureImpulse. 
  • Twitter: @Linefaced <- I do have a similar policy to Twitter as I do to Tumblr, I welcome almost all followers but don’t always follow back.  Blame my obsessiveness with keeping current on my social networks.
  • Plurk: @odekokun <- This one is a really personal place for me so I’d prefer no requests here unless we’ve talked elsewhere at least a few times, but it’s there.
  • We also have Google+ but since that’s another one I’d prefer if we’ve chatted even a little before sharing since it involves real names.

YEAH IDK I JUST LIKE TALKING AT PEOPLE.  If I don’t respond right away, don’t get discouraged!  Like I said, sometimes I’ll leave things up and forget to post an away message, but I’ll try and respond when I get back.  I reply to just about everything I get, so if you get radio silence, something went wrong and I probably didn’t get what you sent, so try again!  LET’S CHAT.  You guys probably have a pretty good handle on what my interests are and you must share some if you’re following this blog, so yes!