(also in case you haven’t noticed I have a Thing for pining Souji because I see so much pining Yosuke but I like to punch Souji where it hurts since he’s my favorite)

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HELLO EVERYONE I will get to the rest of your prompts later, I promise, that was just more writing than I’ve done in a while and I will need to come back to the rest of them.  Thank you for sending them!!

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strangestquiet sent: Oh ho ho ho Souyo, "Please listen to me-"

“What the FUCK was that about?!” Yosuke’s screaming in your face, his hands fisted in the front of your shirt, and you’re trying to pull away, trying to escape from the heat of his anger, so hot it feels like his blood must literally be boiling. It burns all the more when you look into his eyes, and you can see, far behind the red-hot rage, a pained twinge of betrayal.

Your Shadow told him everything, in front of everyone.

It was unexpected; one moment you’d all been training in the bathhouse, and the next another you had appeared before your team, and—with a too-wide grin in your direction—had immediately set its sights on Yosuke.

With everyone else frozen, too afraid to act, too terrified that their Leader might turn out to have the Shadow that would finally obliterate them all, it described in full, graphic detail all the thoughts that you’d ever had about your beloved partner. The initial hesitance and disdain bordering on contempt, the superiority you’d briefly had run through your mind when you first summoned your Persona and saved him, the alien feeling of close friendship that had settled in after that, warm and comforting and unfamiliar to someone who spent so long keeping their distance.

“Attachments mean getting hurt in the end, don’t they? But you, my partner, you were different.”

It told him about the feelings that had blossomed in your chest, the fear and hurt during their initial trip into the bathhouse and the camping incident after that, the way your hesitance had deepened with time and how you’d tormented yourself every time you spent time with him, the ache you felt whenever he described the girls. The guilt you felt when you’d touched yourself and thought of him, the way he smelled, his smile, his face, what he might look like leaning over and into you. Every last detail about your feelings for him were laid bare, as though the Shadow had stolen your sword and cut you open for everyone—especially him—to see.

Your Shadow had apparently decided that this was enough torment for you, and disappeared shortly after, leaving everyone stunned and silent. Yosuke had managed to keep it together, offering under his breath to walk you home, and it wasn’t until you were standing in your otherwise empty house that he let loose on you like this.

“How long have you been keeping this shit from me?!” He demands, tears springing to the corners of his eyes, but he barely seems to notice.

“Yosuke, I—”

“No, shut up. Shut the FUCK up!” He shouts, shoving you backward, as though the thought of touching you suddenly disgusts him, “You don’t get to defend yourself in this, you hear me?! You fucking liar! Does this mean all that time we spent together, all those lunches you made for me, all that nice shit you did… it was all just because you wanted to get into my fucking pants?!”

“NO! Of course that’s not—”

“I bet you went home and jerked it real good after I let you hug me on the riverbank that one time, you sick fuck!”

“I didn’t! I can’t believe you’d—”

You can’t believe? Haha, that’s fuckin’ rich!” Yosuke sneers, looking eerily like his Shadow as his lip curls, “The one who can’t believe shit here is me, get it?! You expect me to just play nice when all these months, you’ve just been eyeballing me and waiting like I’m some goddamn piece of meat?!”

“No, no, god, Yosuke, that’s not it at all.”

“Yeah? What the hell is it, then?!” Yosuke asks, but there’s desperation in his tone now that wasn’t there before, as though he wants to hear something that might force all of this to make sense to him, but this is where your words fail you again.

“It’s… I…” You stammer uselessly, and as you try to come up with the words, you watch his face twist from impatient to a deep, contemptuous disgust, an expression that feels like a thousand knives in your gut.

“You know what?” He asks, his voice gone from a hoarse yell to a dangerous, seething whisper, “Fuck you, Seta. I can’t believe I trusted you.”

“Yosuke, wait. Please, listen to me—”

The only response you get is the door slamming shut.

chisotahn sent: "Didn’t you see what I did?!", souyo *nobody is surprised*

“Dude, I am telling you, I totally saw Chie and Yukiko just like… going at it! Didn’t you see what I did?!”

“No,” Souji replied disinterestedly, distracted by a cat that crossed their path a few yards ahead, “I’m not the one who left their headphones in the classroom and had to go back.”

“You were right behind me! How could you not see?! Don’t you wanna know what they were doing?!” Yosuke tried again, his voice rising in pitch, “I swear, it’s a good thing they didn’t hear me and I didn’t open the door all the way, because Chie was like, on the floor, and Yukiko was sitting on the desk, and—”

“And you should really respect their privacy, Yosuke.” Souji chided him, continuing to walk down the path beside the riverbank.

“Don’t you wanna know, though, partner?! I mean, seriously, I know they’ve always been a little weird around each other, but…”

“Would you drop it, already? I don’t need to hear this.”

“No, dude, I’m serious, I saw Chie do this thing with her tongue—”

“I don’t care, Yosuke…”

“—that I kinda wanna do to you.”

That, at least, finally caught Souji’s attention.

omniboner sent: "I’m not cut out for this." -the souyos

The snow is so goddamn cold.

Souji finally notices Yosuke standing in front of him, and his hands unclench from his sides. His face makes a poor attempt at relaxing even through the tears streaming down his cheeks, and Yosuke reflects bitterly that even now, Souji tries to put on a strong Leader face for them.

What he wants to do is punch him, what he does is move wordlessly to Souji’s side. He says nothing, his arms crossed over his chest in what he’s trying to pretend is protection from the icy winter winds, but—he knows now—is really just another way of defending himself from the world. Souji doesn’t look at him right away, and they stand there in front of the hospital for what feels like an eternity before he speaks, his voice cracking.

“Maybe,” he begins, slowly, “I’m not cut out for this.”

Yosuke closes his eyes, but all he can see when he does is Namatame’s face, terrified and pale as Souji’s hand clamps around the back of his hospital gown, pulling him closer and closer to the TV.

Words fail him. He’s not Souji, and he knows himself well enough by now to know that words aren’t enough, that he can’t do his usual and just bullshit his way through this by filling the tension between them with chatter. He feels regret, too, and it’s impossibly hard to remember that in this case, his feelings don’t—can’t—come first.

He reaches out and pulls Souji to his chest, and when Souji’s arms finally rise and clutch the back of his coat tight enough that it almost feels like he’ll rip it, Yosuke has a feeling that he’s done the right thing for once in his life.

tasobi sent: souyo & "Shit, are you bleeding?!"

In retrospect, the whole thing was pretty funny.

Souji’s couch wasn’t exactly the largest thing in the world, which was why most of their makeout sessions ended up on the floor. Today, though, Yosuke had been particuarly bored with the seemingly endless flow of math problems, studying until his eyes crossed, and had abruptly swept all their books to the side, instead climbing into Souji’s lap.

“If this is an attempt to distract me…” Souji began warningly as Yosuke’s face loomed closer. Yosuke smiled sheepishly.

“It’s working?” He suggested, and then crushed their lips together.

For once, Souji had given in, and they’d been at it for several minutes until they were both panting for air. Their hands had started to wander, too, Souji’s had slid up the front of Yosuke’s shirt, and Yosuke’s had found its way down the back of Souji’s collar, lightly scratching at the sensitive spot just below his nape.

Souji had moaned just as the door opened.

“Big Bro—” Nanako began, but got no further, because Yosuke had simply fallen out of Souji’s lap in surprise and horror, dropping backward toward the floor, and promptly cracked the back of his head on the coffee table. In the blur of pain that followed, he heard Nanako scream, and Souji swear loudly.

“Yosuke!” He cried, arriving at Yosuke’s side in less than a second to inspect the damage, “Shit, are you bleeding?!”

That was how, half an hour later, Yosuke found himself sitting in the bathroom, with Souji delicately pressing a cloth to the back of his head, and Nanako standing worriedly in the doorway. At the time, Yosuke was furious, mostly at himself, and once Nanako had wandered away he complained bitterly to Souji about how “if this were in the TV world, we could heal it right away,” but Souji had shushed him before his cousin could overhear. Instead, Souji had leaned down, and after glancing toward the door to make sure they were alone, whispered a promise to make it up to him later.

That, combined with the sound of Souji getting chewed out by Dojima for swearing in front of Nanako later that evening, managed to make the whole incident not seem so bad after all.

Send me a pairing and a line of dialogue and I’ll write you something?


  • "I just really need to have you here right now."
  • "Didn’t you see what I did?!"
  • "Oh fuck, oh FUCK."
  • "Please come get me."
  • "Where are you?!"
  • "I’m coming, just sit tight!"
  • "Look at me - just breathe, okay?"
  • "I can’t breathe!"
  • "You don’t have to stay."
  • "It’s all my fault."
  • "It’s all YOUR fault!"
  • "Don’t fucking touch me."
  • "Please I just… really need space right now."
  • "I’m right here. I’m not going anywhere."
  • "I’m gonna be sick."
  • "Ever wonder if the world would be better off without you… ?"
  • "I’m sick of being USELESS."
  • "You’re not useless."
  • "Shit, are you bleeding?!"
  • "Please, put it DOWN."
  • "Shh, c’mere…"
  • "It’s okay to cry…"
  • "Don’t listen to them. Don’t you EVER listen to them."
  • "I’m not cut out for this."
  • "Just leave me ALONE."
  • "Please listen to me-"
  • "You can trust me."
  • "Don’t trust me."
  • "What happened doesn’t change anything."
Okay so broiling your pudding-flavored KitKats is THE BEST IDEA thanks Japan
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Okay so broiling your pudding-flavored KitKats is THE BEST IDEA thanks Japan

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Souyo Week 2014
Day 3 - Future or Family (or both!!)

Souji hasn’t even had his coffee yet Nanako, he is not ready for this

aghuuhhh I HATE BEING SO BUSY I still want to do like. all the prompts for souyo week.

but cosplay is hard rrrrrr


the entire game
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the entire game



I live my life through a vicious cycle of being inspired by and then inspiring various creative friends of ours

It’s painful and glorious

It’s both endlessly fun and immensely satisfying!

Being part of a creative community that suits your needs is such a great thing. I’m not super interested in the social aspects of art and creativity, so I feel like I miss out on a lot of community-oriented stuff on account of being reclusive, y’know? But seeing friends produce stuff is one of those extremely compelling things for me! The energy is infectious :D

SEEING THIS REPLY FROM YOU WORRIES ME THOUGH because there’s always this little niggling thought in the back of my mind during our Sad-Offs that I am going to affect how you choose to end Certain Fanfictions but hopefully that’s just me being blatantly and horrifyingly self-important instead of anywhere near the truth

we share a love of destroying souls, though, I gotta say.

I live my life through a vicious cycle of being inspired by and then inspiring various creative friends of ours

It’s painful and glorious

Every Mistake - Chapter 8 - strangestquiet - Persona 4 [Archive of Our Own]



Souyo Week 2014
Day 1 - Alternate Universe

I’m a week late to Souyo Week 2014 due to being away, but I’m gonna do it!

And since Day 1 is AU and since for THEIR Day 1 Pulse and Line put together an amazing cosplay shoot based on this DANG FIC I NEVER FINISHED in which Souji is stuck as a Velvet Room attendant, I’m using it as an excuse to bang out another chapter. I wrote like 75% of this while sleep deprived on an 8hr flight so hopefully it holds up, haaa….

AND I’m taking the rest of this week to continue doing the challenge with various art bits, but I’m also going to wrap up this thing for good. It’s been going on far too long, I am highly embarrassed about it


(Line and I may have just high-fived over this)

If it weren’t 9:30 at night and if we didn’t have work early tomorrow I WOULD BE GETTING OUT MY HAT SO HELP ME


Sho, my face is up here
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Sho, my face is up here